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Trustee & Fund Admin.


Secure Pensions is licensed to manage occupational pension schemes, provident fund schemes, personal pension schemes and any other privately managed pension scheme as may be authorised by the NPRA. We also recognize that quality pension fund administration is an integral part of the successful running of any pension scheme. With this in mind, we combine our skill set with a solid web-based Pension Administration Software to ensure that our day-to-day administration of schemes meet the requirements of all key stakeholders. We provide third party administration services to the range of privately managed pension schemes. Our duties as a Corporate Trustee and Fund Administrator include:

  • We ensure the registration of our clients’ pension schemes via a master trust scheme or employer sponsored scheme.
  • We assist our clients appoint Service providers for their schemes.
  • We develop and maintain investment policy statements and internal control procedures.
  • We diversify investments to minimize risk.
  • We act as a provident trustee in financing relationships with members.
  • We process and transfer payment requests.
  • We keep proper accounting records and a register of members.
  • We act as an Independent Trustee for employer sponsored schemes.
  • We prepare and audit annual financial statements of schemes.

We prepare and file statutory reports with the NPRA.